Dear parents and visitors!

Every morning our children go to school. At school, most of their lives pass, and this time is significant for children. We understand that in the modern world the school is no longer the only source of knowledge, the only institution of education. But we are sure that even today it can be a sufficiently powerful resource for human development. Therefore, on how students spend time in school, their personality, character, and their future largely depends.

For us adults, it is also very important how children spend their “school” time, therefore, we are actively working and developing, trying to keep pace with the times. In connection with this, our Specialized School for Advanced Study of Information and Communication Technologies in the name of Muhammad al-Khwarazmi was created.

The school was established in accordance with the resolution of the President of Uzbekistan of September 14, 2017. The pupils of the school will study mathematics, physics, computer science and foreign languages ​​in depth, using modern information and pedagogical technologies on the basis of state educational standards for general secondary education. According to the school’s charter, the lessons will be conducted in the state language.

On behalf of the whole collegium of our school, I want to assure that our children will receive a decent education, which will eventually allow them to become leading specialists in our country and contribute to its development.